Make way for GaaS(Gaming as a Service)

Mobile gaming, which evolved concurrently with the development and launch of mobile phones and mobile computing devices, is witnessing strong growth. Rising sales of smartphones and tablets and growing use of these devices for entertainment purposes such as gaming, are driving growth in the mobile gaming market.
Smartphones have evolved to be multi-functional phone, the development of an inexhaustible range of entertainment apps which keeps the users glued to their phone all the time. Integration of hardware and software has been seamless with support for gaming such as motion sensors are significantly benefiting the trend of mobile gaming.
Proliferation of Mobile internet, declining cost of internet services like 3G and launch of 4G high bandwidth networks are additionally enabling anywhere, anytime access to online games.
While cloud infrastructure and the technology market has been abuzz with SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. Mobile Gaming as a Service(GaaS) is the latest entrant to create that buzz in mobile gaming market.
The last couple of years witnessed massive developments in gameplays, social media interactivity, game genres, and monetization models. Also driving growth is the drop in handset prices and data access fees, steady rise in the number of mobile MMORPG gamers. Not to mention the ever increasing prize money for online and offline tournaments.
Continous development of blockbuster titles by gaming companies and launch of free-to-play games with paid upgrades are generating revenues from in-game microtransactions. 
Given the growing diversity of smartphone platforms and the pressure to beat competition, demand for cross-platform game applications will grow strongly in the coming years. Game developers are therefore focusing on developing platform agnostic games that run on Android, iOS, and Windows OS. Also, the tremendous success of social games is providing the much required boost to the wireless games market. The rise of the cloud computing phenomenon and the ensuing easy access to gaming applications over the cloud, without the need for download, is driving the popularity of cloud games. Also, driving consumer preference for cloud games is the launch of Gaming as a Service (GaaS) solutions that allow latency-free, effortless streaming of games. 
Amazon is taking a dig at game development by releasing their own Game Engine called Lumberyard. Its free for game developers. 
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Mobile gaming market is in a interesting phase right now.


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