Internet of Things and Cloud

Recently, i attended a meetup in Seattle which was part of a IoT meetup group. I got to meet some interesting people in the meetup who are all as enthusiastic as i am about anything to do with Internet of Things(IoT), be it just a simple Raspberry Pi or latest sensors or a simple line of code which makes a light blink across the hall remotely. 
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I have always been a great fan of Steve Jobs and his business acumen, well who isnt right? I still watch the older keynote speeches, Apple Product launches which always draws loud cheers and hoots. Its actually very funny now to watch the audience react to the smallest of small new features that Apple announces in these product launches.

It may look small and silly now when we look back but every feature was and is revolutionary in itself which changed the way we use our phones forever. 

IoT is also in that phase right now where every small little step forward is an innovation in itself. Here are few of the commercial IoT devices available for consumers to buy. 
Foobot Air quality MonitorConnected Sonos SpeakerKeen Home Smart VentLIFX Color Life BulbPhilips Hue:Dimmer SwitchJune Oven,

Here are some of IoT companies or startups doing some cool research and coming up with innovative products - CircuitHub, SmartThings, MisFit, Beep Networks, TempoIQ

Of course there are larger players like Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, CISCO, Google, ATT who are all playing a larger role with their forward thinking innovation. They all have invested heavily in IoT segment. Some of them investing and growing and growing organically and some acquiring smaller companies.

Microsoft is approaching IoT from both a platform as a service space and from hardware perspective as well. Microsoft is enabling developers and other IoT enthusiasts to develop products, they have Windows 10 IoT core and Windows Remote Arduino operating systems available for free. According to Microsoft "Arduino bridges the gap between software world and the physical world".

Amazon Web Services(AWS) has the biggest cloud infrastructure as yet and AWS is ready to take all this data and work with it. 

I have used both Windows IoT and AWS briefly for Demo projects, i just feel Microsoft is doing a great job with IoT offering and all the associated products and services whereas AWS is relying heavily on the Cloud infrastructure itself and its AWS ecosystem to develop these products. There are not many extensions or readily available services that you could use on AWS except for cloud service RDS relational Database and Red Shift Data warehouse tool.


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