How to Improve SEO in 4 easy steps

Want to get ahead with in the search results and rankings, want to get on top of the list. There is no shortcuts to it but there are tried and tested methods which will improve your rankings with Search Engine Optimization techniques, How to improve SEO in 4 easy steps, SEO, Search Engine, Optimization, Structured Data Tool, Structured Schema fix, errors in Structured Data Tool, Blogger

1) Write quality content
There is no denying that quality content will get your articles on top of the search results no matter what because people love quality content, they will share and bookmark. Its just plain simple, write quality content with relevancy. Write for your niche market, you could do everything, you could write about everything but that content is not going to help with Page Authority.

Write more relevant content which targets your niche market to gain that Page Authority, Domain Authority.

2) MetaData
Every page, article contains specific metadata which the search engines look for. Google, Bing and Yahoo have formed an alliance in defining how the online data should be structured. If your web design is aligned with their syntax and the descriptions defined, you will be ranked much higher.

One of the easiest and low-hanging fruits is to fix the MetaData and Schema on your site. To understand how you rank with Structured Data, log on to the Structured Data Tool by Google

MetaData Article Description - Make sure your article has a small 150-160 characters verbatim which is also called the MetaData of the article. Search engines will display this information in the search results as a small brief like in the image below, How to improve SEO in 4 easy steps, SEO, Search Engine, Optimization, Structured Data Tool, Structured Schema fix, errors in Structured Data Tool, Blogger

Follow these Troubleshooting steps to fix Structured Schema Errors in blogger and other blogging platforms.

3) Use ALT tags and Internal Links
Make sure to use Alt tags on all the images you use in the article. ALT Tags allow search engines to locate your page more appropriately. Link to your articles internally which is equally important where ever possible.

4) Target  Keywords
Research to find out what keywords rank the best. Your keyword selection should be based on the search volume on a particular keyword, Cost per Click(CPC) and competition for that keyword.

Find a balance of all three and choose a keyword and crush it. There are long-tail keywords and shorter keywords. Your blog or website should target both. Use SEO Tools to analyze your competitors keywords and rankings, you will get a better idea on how they are ranked and how their content is ranking in search results.

Also use TOP 5 SEO Tools to analyze your search rankings and keyword rankings and also to learn from Competitors keywords and rankings


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