How to get Facebook Access Token

If you are wondering how to get Facebook Access token to access Facebook Graph API. I am a big fan on Facebook API because its extensively documented and the ecosystem is pretty vibrant!

How to get facebook Access Token, doityaar, ananyatales

Facebook always keep changing the way data can be accessed through their APIs, recent one has been to have an AccessToken to access any Facebook data. Every time Facebook does this, there are plenty of plugins, widgets and certain features within a website which break. Thats why its always important to understand the external dependencies and also to have a dedicated Web Admin to manage changes like this on your website.

Here are the steps on how to create get Facebook access token

  1. Go to, login to your facebook account, and add the developer app, if requested. It might prompt you to validate your identity by confirming your Phone number or something.

  2. Click the ‘add a new app’ button to create a new app.

  3. Give the app a name, keeping in mind facebook’s naming policies.

  4. After creating the app, You will be redirected to App's Dashboard.  Note down the AppID and App_Secret (by clicking on show)

  5. Go to replacing APP_ID with your newly created app ID and APP_SECRET with your new app Secret. If the credentials are correct, you will see your authentication token at that location.

It’s as simple as that!

This token can now be used in order to retrieve data from a Facebook feed.  For example:, replace PAGE_OR_USER_ACCOUNT with the page id or user account name and ACCESS_TOKEN with the token you retrieved in step 5.

Please note currently there is a 60-day limit on these Access tokens after which they expire. There are ways to dynamically get Facebook Access Token without having to do this manually.

Let me know if you have any issues on How to get Facebook access token

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