Is this site down

How many have you wondered "Is this site down?" whenever you try to access any website and its inaccessible for whatever reason. Site may be down for whatever reason and may be widespread issue affecting multiple users or may be just an issue with you local internet connection. Whatever is the reason, the answer to the question is this site down is never easy. There are few very reliable resources during this time.

Whenever you ask yourself "is this site down?", you can use these tools or these sites to know if the sites are really down or if its just an user related issue.

In the wake of today's tragic , it needs to be known: instead of continuously refreshing and tweeting your alarmed wonder, skip the hassle and try a simple solution. Visit a site that does the investigating for you. With just one click, you'll see whether everyone else is having trouble with a certain site or if it's a problem on your end. Here are a few tools to answer your question "Is this site down"

Down Right Now

This site combines users reporting issues and official announcements, the site monitors the status and social media messages with accurate details. It also maintains the historic downtime and service interruption detials.

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Down or Is It Just Me

Another simple service with answer to your question is this site down.

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Is It Down Right Now?

Is it Down Right now? service pings most of the popular websites and provides historic details. Whether the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or a website maintenance is in progress. You will know it here on this site with graphical details and other users reporting on social media sites.

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Down For Everyone or Just Me

Fill in the blank "is __ down for everyone or just me". Quite a right question to ask, the site returns whether or not the site is UP. If there are any reported issues by other users, you will see a detailed information about the service interruption.

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