How to Add Labels to Navigation Bar in Blogger

Blogger allows to classify your posts using keywords called labels or categories. Depending on your niche of your blog, you might have several different categories and labels created over a period of time. It is always a good practice to have a navigation bar on your blog. Even if you have one, its a good practice to have few basic categories added to your navigation bar.

Its just a plain good design, users will love to browse around the blog using categories and it engages the users with your posts in other categories as well. I am going to show you how to add the Labels to the Navigation Bar in blogger the easy way. As its always the case, there are always different ways to get things done.

Adding labels and categories to the navigation bar can be achieved in several different ways. It all depends on how much time and effort you want to spend doing that. There are lot of fancier ways like using CSS, JQuery, Flash, plain simple HTML or the easiest blogger built-in way of using the "Link list" which is what this article is about.

Here is how it will look with the link list navigation

Step 1) Log into your Blogger dashboard and click on Layout

Step 2) If you are using one of the in-built blogger themes then you would see a layout similar to the screenshot below. Otherwise you may see a different layout depending on the structure of the theme you are using. Click on "Add a gadget" link which is right below the header.

how to add the Labels to the Navigation Bar in blogger

Step 3) In the Add gadget pop-out window, scroll to the "Link list" gadget which is what we are going to add. Click on + icon

how to add the Labels to the Navigation Bar in blogger, doityaar

Step 4) In the following window, you need to add all the links which you want displayed in your Navigation bar. Every label is searchable in Blogger and every label has a unique URL. The general URL format is

Of course the "" is your domain name and labelname is the name of the label. So for eg., If your label name is "featured" and the domain name is "" or "" then the the URL for "featured" label would be or

Note - Label names are case-sensitive so be careful with the case as well.

So back to our instructions. In the pop-out window which looks like below. Link list gadget has few options, lets go over them.

Title - Title for the link list, useful if you are using multiple link lists on your blog and you want to give them a title. Leave this blank for now for Navigation bar under the header.

Number of items - You can limit the number of link items to be shown in the link list. Make sure you don't add too many links which might result in multiple lines of Navigation links in the Navigation bar. Not very beautiful and pleasing to look at multiple lines in a navigation bar. Even you if you too many labels or categories, generalize them to fit into few categories so you have better handle on the overall blog content.

Sorting - You can have the link names in the list sorted alphabetically or reverse alphabetically or decide not to sort in anyway. Leave it default "Dont sort" for now.

New Site name - This is the name which will appear in your navigation bar, make the best use of it. You can name the link whatever you want, label names would not matter.

New Site URL - Type in the URL for the label, follow the instructions from earlier part of this step (Step # 4)

How to add labels to Navigation bar in Blogger

Depending on your needs, decide what values and attributes you might want to use. I would leave the title and Number of items blank for now and sorting to default "Dont sort" and once you have the New site name and URL filled up, click on Add link. Do not save yet, the link gets added to the list and you can add further links to the list. Continue adding the links to the list. Once you are done. Click on save.

Step 5) Click on Save arrangement on the template design page

Step 6) Go to your blog to see your all new Navigation bar with all the links you added to the list.

how to add the Labels to the Navigation Bar in blogger

Its very easy to tweak and add colors and make it look fancy. Play around and let me know if this was helpful and if you need help setting this up. That was how to add the Labels to the Navigation Bar in blogger, hope it was useful.